02 April 2020

How to encourage more online sales during COVID-19

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by Mikaela Kornowski
While you’re likely not making more online sales that you would during other times of the year, e-commerce is where many retailers are still able to bring in dollars during COVID-19/coronavirus. We have a few ideas to help promote your sales during this challenging time…
Gift cards
Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and other special occasions aren’t going to slow their roll against the coronavirus. Many consumers are still going to be in the market for something to buy for their loved ones over the coming weeks, even if shopping in-store isn’t an option. 
Make it obvious on your website that gift cards are still available for sale, and explain how the card will be delivered before the shopper checks out. Your delivery method might just seal the deal for an undecided customer. 
DSW offers many personalized options for gift card purchase. The shopper can select the occasion, a customized message for the card, whether they’d like the card shipped or sent via email or text, and even the date and time the customer would like the gift card to hit an inbox.
Spread the word about shipping
There’s a lot of consumer confusion over shipping in the retail space right now. After Amazon announced the company would begin prioritizing shipment of medical supplies and necessary items, some shoppers mistakenly continue to believe all other non-Amazon purchases will not arrive within a reasonable amount of time. 
If your ecommerce site doesn’t have an estimated arrival date for customers through your checkout summary, definitely include an expected time for delivery on your shipping FAQ page. On that page, specifically reference estimated shipping during COVID-19, so shoppers know your information is up-to-date and have more confidence hitting that final “Checkout” button.
Try a virtual event
More friends, family, and coworkers are turning to video sharing software to stay connected during Safer at Home orders. But, so are retailers and their customers!
Many boutique owners are promoting a virtual event on social media, and encouraging more participants to join by holding special drawings or offering giveaway items to their loyal followers. Events are not only a great way to remind your community that you’re still present, but helps you move product. 
Have a new shipment that arrived, right as the coronavirus did also? Try holding a VIP unboxing event, where customers can enjoy the excitement of new arrivals right along with you. Make it known during your virtual session that shoppers can order items via chat during the video. 
Door-side drop-off
If many of your shoppers are local, or if shipping isn’t a viable option for your business, try scheduling drop-off times right outside your own storefront. Many businesses are still able to complete a sale by taking payment information over-the-phone, and asking shoppers to give the store a call when they’re ready for pickup. Simply box the item and leave it safely waiting outside your door, for the customer that’s waiting in their car nearby. 
Comfort is king
For many, summertime is still uncertain. Tropical vacations and family road trips are up in the air, most sporting events and concerts are postponed or canceled, and many shoppers aren’t quite sure now is the time to refresh on their usual shorts, sandals, and swimsuits. 
To cope with COVID, many apparel sellers are promoting their loungewear and athleisure as most consumers are confined to their couches with no reason to dress up. Besides marketing your cozier items, try pushing your small add-ons that may offer some source of entertainment. Facemasks, bath fizzes, nail kits, and other health and beauty items can serve as “something to do” during this time of social distancing.
Take a look at OFFPRICE comfort and health items currently available online through OFFPRICE365.com. Our online marketplace is open for business 24/7, and many exhibitors are still able to ship. For questions, please contact Mikaela Kornowski, Marketing Manager, at 262-754-6906 or email her.


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