Adding an off-price strategy to your product mix.

Make your margins bigger and your OTB dollars go further. 
Hey Newbies! Forget everything you think you know about OFFPRICE. Don’t be afraid of the name, we are all about making you money. OFFPRICE isn’t cheap product, its value priced, high margin items, that offer your customers incentive to purchase more in their transactions. Point of Purchase items, quick add-ons, in-season inventory fills, all the little things that keep your customer coming back to your store. Learn the easiest way to shop OFFPRICE to add value to your customer base and profit to your bottom line.  


Patrice Bouchard, Senior Sales Executive, Boutique Division

Tony Chinn, The Buying Group, Los Angeles 



Session time: 
Tuesday, October 17, 2023 - 11:30am
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