13 April 2020

Rockin Footwear, OFFPRICE exhibitor, modifies manufacturing to meet face mask demand

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With all of the challenges surrounding the coronavirus, now is the time for the off-price sector to double down and get creative. Rockin Footwear is just one OFFPRICE exhibitor pivoting their business strategy to address the COVID-19 pandemic, and keep their business moving forward. 
When the demand for medical face masks began to skyrocket, and the available supply was clearly not meeting the need, Matthew Hirsch, CEO of Rockin Footwear, decided in March to adjust his 13-year-old wholesale footwear business to manufacturing his own design of four-layers masks, similar to the KN95 style.
By manufacturing the product themselves, they’ve been able to keep costs down, and pass along the savings to buyers. “Thankfully, we’ve managed to keep our employees working through this tragic situation,” says Hirsch. “All of our staff are wearing masks and gloves, and practicing social distancing guidelines. One of our top priorities was figuring out a strategy for keeping our team together, and this was the way we could make it happen.”
Because the cost of masks are low, Rockin Footwear has also been able to donate over 100,000 disposable masks and 2,000 KN95-style masks to local businesses and healthcare facilities. One fire station was so grateful for their donation they sent a personalized letter:
For a full preview of all medical products available, please visit the Rockin Essentials Instagram page here. Other medical supplies and uniforms are also available online through OFFPRICE365.com. Please reach out to Mikaela Kornowski, Marketing Manager, at 262-754-6906 or mkornowski@offpriceshow.com with any questions. 

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