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We are so excited to welcome the industry back to Fashion Week in Las Vegas.  Please check back soon!


Join us in Las Vegas at the
Las Vegas Convention Center.
New venue, new attitude!


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Guided by TRUST TARSUS – A framework for event safety and sanitation, based on the operational guidelines produced by our trade show industry bodies SISO, IAEE, and UFI, OFFPRICE aims to deliver the highest levels of hygiene and safety at its events, providing everyone with reassurance and confidence they are participating in a safe and controlled environment.

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Who can attend?

  • Boutique, gift shop, and specialty retailers
  • Discount, off-price and value stores
  • Major chain, big box, and department stores
  • Convenience, membership club, and dollar stores
  • Non-profits, thrift stores and Assistance Leagues
  • Hospitals gift shops, hotels/resorts, universities
  • Farm and general supply, and army/navy surplus

What you will achieve

  • Be a step ahead of your competing retailers
  • Boost your profit margins with a smart buying strategy
  • Write orders for ready-to-ship goods
  • Meet new vendors, from across North America
  • Diversify your product assortment and fill in inventory
  • Uncover new category opportunities to expand your offerings
  • Build new connections and increase buying power

What you will see

  • In-season apparel, footwear, and accessories
  • Opportunities for men, women, and children
  • Curated feature areas, highlighting in-demand categories
  • Private label and manufactured goods
  • Branded merchandise and close-outs from major retailers
  • Plenty of samples to touch and feel before ordering

Why our buyers love OFFPRICE

"I feel like I’m actually dealing with the direct rep of the company and not a middle man company selling another company’s items. Therefore I get a better price because they do not have to get their cut too!!"

"In the many years since the show started, I have gradually switched my buying to more and more done at the show. Now almost 100% of my dollars are allocated there."

"Great product, great prices, and a market that shows that appreciates the buyers."


Frequently asked trade show questions

What's the cost to attend?

OFFPRICE is free to attend for all verified retailers, or buyers who can provide credentials, such as an ecommerce website, recent invoices, retail license or tax ID. All non-retailers will be a charged a $125 entrance fee, per show.

How do I register a group?

After first registering yourself as a first-time attendee and receiving your approval email, feel free to contact our buyer relations team for help registering additional attendees at

How do I buy products?

OFFPRICE is an order-writing show, which means you should come ready to purchase. Be sure to bring your credit card or line of credit to write orders with exhibitors. We also recommend bringing copies of your credentials, which some sellers may request upon order.

Where is OFFPRICE located?

The OFFPRICE Show in Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall

Who can I reach out to for more help?

Contact our buyer relations team for questions related to attending OFFPRICE, registering, finding products, booking an on-site tour, and more at

Where do OFFPRICE products come from?

Our exhibitors' products come from a variety of places, depending on the seller you're working with. Many exhibitors manufacture their own merchandise in the current styles and trends, designed with cost in mind to offer you the best pricing. Other exhbitors acquire excess goods from major retailers from the current season, or purchase various qualities directly from the brand. All OFFPRICE exhibitors must pass an intensive screening process.