13 April 2021

Introducing EVOLVE at OFFPRICE

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by Jordan Hart
You know and love OFFPRICE as the trade show with the best deals in town during Las Vegas Fashion Week, but something new and exciting is coming this August. While we will always stay true to our roots, it is time for a change; that is why we launched EVOLVE!
EVOLVE is a new, curated feature area within the existing OFFPRICE Show where you can find elevated product and emerging trends at prices you will love. With price points starting at $12-15, buyers will find on-trend product at a low-risk cost. This section caters to budget savvy retailers who want to source premium product, elevated brands, and emerging trends.
EVOLVE is the re-imagination of what was formerly known as our boutique section. However, this section is not just for boutique owners and buyers. After listening to feedback from both our buyers and exhibitors, we knew we needed to create a section that offers an even wider range of premium products to serve our diverse community of buyers. Whether you are a boutique, online retailer, discount store, or resort store, EVOLVE is for any buyer looking to have a more comprehensive off-price strategy.
At EVOLVE, products range from women’s wear to men’s wear to beauty and accessories; its purpose is to provide buyers with a more opportunities to explore the brands they want at the margins they need. We will always be the trade show where quality meets value; this is an expansion of our unique scope of below-wholesale offerings. This evolution of OFFPRICE will further meet the needs of modern retailers who are looking for the best variety and best prices - all under one roof. 
Speaking of one roof, OFFPRICE is moving this August! For the first time, we will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), South Hall from August 7-10. For more information about our new location >> Venue & Travel
This August the LVCC will also be unveiling a new underground transportation system, utilizing self-driving Tesla vehicles to effortlessly move guests around the LVCC. Check out more about it here >> Boring Company
For more info on the August show, and our new EVOLVE section, visit our website offpriceshow.com



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