02 March 2020

Outerwear Market Buttons Up Big Profits

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With cooler temps right around the corner, now is the time to invest in outerwear for your store if you haven’t already. Angela Velasquez, a contributor for Sourcing Journal, reports that “the global jacket and coat market is forecast to generate approximately $94.5 billion in retail sales by 2021, up from around $81 billion in 2016, according to Statista, making it an attractive category for all tiers of fashion.”

But why are consumers turning up the heat on jacket sales? Many in the industry, like Zion Market Research, attribute the market change due to more shoppers investing in outdoor experiences. “The growing consumer health consciousness is the major driving factor of the global outdoor clothing market, says the research company. “Moreover, the rapid growth in product distribution on e-commerce websites is aiding this market.”

Whether it be for fitness or “Instagram-able” moments, more shoppers than ever are demanding fashionable, affordable outerwear. Here are the trends we’re expecting to hit the streets and slopes this season…

Smart & Classic

Whether heading to the office or downtown, this elevated style offers your customers’ wardrobe an added sophistication.


The puffier, the better! The retro skier look has arrived for both men and women. Try pairing with oversized goggles or moon boots.

Open Drape

This cut offers customers a flowy and versatile look, that leaves plenty of room for layering. Consider dressing down these jackets with a pair of chunky sneakers for major east-coast vibes.

High-Collar Athletic

Athletic consumers are on-the-hunt for unique pieces they can grab on-the-go. High-collar jackets are not only trendy, but functional for chilly runs.

Mixed Media

Look for outwear that combines several materials or textures, such as faux leather or fur, denim, sherpa, and more. Mixed media is eye-catching because it adds depth and complexity to the piece.

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