The Merchant Life - Volume 29

The Merchant Life highlights off-price solutions and OFFPRICE Las Vegas Vendors in Volume 29 - Off-Price: The Thrill of the Hunt

Fun fact, I was an off-price merchant back in 2006 and looking at the state of off-price today, it’s pretty clear that this channel is hotter than ever. Off-price retailers are buying every single day: looking for deals, excess inventory and the best brands (at the best prices) for their customers...

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The Merchant Life is written by Liza Amlani, founder of Retail Strategy Group. She is a seasoned Retail Industry expert with end-to-end knowledge of retail and navigated her way through the industry, leading high-impact teams across North America and Europe. She is a respected voice on topics such as responsible/sustainable retail, merchandising excellence and "The Future of Retail". Learn more about Liza and her consulting services 


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