This highlighted section offers the savvy retailer an ability to diversify inventory and introduce creative product assortment at a fraction of the cost.


Explore special opportunities in high margin product categories with low risk to your budget.

Easy Add-ons

Test new opportunities with little investment and utilize your unique off-price strategy to raise margins.  

Margins you Need

Utilize these trend-focused, high demand, seasonal products for a quick turn-around on your floor. 

Why Exhibit?

With our proven long-standing history, customer service and diverse retail background, our goal at OFFPRICE is to educate the retail community on the benefits of having an off-price strategy in their store.
As the world’s largest trade show dedicated to the discount apparel market, OFFPRICE is the leading B2B, order-writing trade show, featuring quality merchandise in the latest styles and trends. Come discover what the OFFPRICE Show can offer you!

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Why shop?

  • On-trend margin builders for the savvy retailer
  • Products have immediate availability
  • Discover brands at the right price
  • Explore product opportunities at low risk
  • Build sourcing relationships

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In order to re-open our events post COVID-19 across our global locations we are constantly reviewing how they will operate and what practices we will need to put in place to ensure everyone stays safe.  We have developed the Trust Tarsus Framework based on the operational guidelines produced by industry bodies, including SISO, IAEE, UFI and the AEO. The health and safety of all of our event stakeholders will always be our highest priority and will guide every decision we make in the planning and scheduling of our events.