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MSRP: $100
Wholesale: $50-$75


Your Retail Price: $50


Profit: $35


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Kids Leaves
Kids Leaves

Retail Tip:

Instead of marking down full-price merchandise for your closeout or sales racks – buy low in the first place at the OFFPRICE Show and mark up that merchandise for your closeouts. It’s a win/win situation, as both you and your customer are happy with the bottom line.


Call Angel or Katy in Buyer Relations at (262) 782-1600
Call Angel or Katy in Buyer Relations at (262) 782-1600



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“I came to the OFFPRICE Show for the first time looking to expand into more fashionable apparel. I found a variety of goods that were very helpful. The show was excellent and the layout was great. I look forward to the next show.”

Bob Yehling, Harps, Springdale, Ark