05 January 2021

What to Expect from Tradeshows in 2021

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by Jordan Hart
OFFPRICE is so excited to welcome you back to our show, being held in Orlando for the first time this February. It seems like a long time since tradeshows, normally so crucial to both our exhibitors’ and buyers’ businesses, have been a part of our lives. 2021 seems like a fresh start on tradeshows, but there are lessons to be learned from the shows that took place in 2020.
Despite the ongoing pandemic, some shows were able to successfully run in the later part of 2020. Domestically, a large basketball tournament was able to take place by moving their event into Indiana and drew nearly 10,000 people. Super Pet Expo, a consumer show for pet lovers that usually draws 18,000 attendees, was able to safely carry out their event after two date postponements. Both of these events took extra health and safety precautions to ensure a safe and successful event. You can read more about it at Tradeshow News Network: https://www.tsnn.com/news/how-two-major-events-took-place-safely-summer 
Internationally, Tarsus Group – the parent company of OFFPRICE – has successfully hosted seven shows in China during a short six-week period. These events gathered nearly 4,000 exhibitors and over 220,000 attendees.
All of these events, both domestically and internationally, credit the venues for serving as partners in their commitment to ensuring the safest events possible. This is why the OFFPRICE Orlando Market and co-located events, MAGIC Pop-Up Orlando and WWIN Orlando Showcase, have partnered with the Orange Country Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando to host our next market week. Recently the OCCC was recognized by Exhibitor Magazine as a 2020 Center of Excellence. The OCCC has already hosted several successful tradeshows during the pandemic, included the Orlando Winterfest and Holiday Market, which safely gathered thousands of attendees in early December 2020. Tradeshow News Network recently wrote an article about how the OCCC is paving the way forward for events in 2021: https://www.tsnn.com/meeting-safely-today-stronger-tomorrow-orange-county-convention-center
OFFPRICE reached out to some of our exhibitors and buyers to see what their experiences have been with tradeshows in 2020. While the safety checkpoints and health measures may seem intimidating, rest assured adapting to the “new normal” is easier than expected according to our vendors and buyers. The new normal at other industry shows included doing temperature checks at entry points, frequently using hand sanitizer, wearing masks, social distancing in any lines, limiting food offerings/offering boxed lunch options, and not shaking hands; OFFPRICE will be implementing the same measures. However, participants expressed that none of these changes are detrimental to their tradeshow experiences and ensured a safe and healthy environment for everyone. While there may have been fewer buyers at 2020 shows, those in attendance came to do serious business; we can expect shows in 2021 will carry on with that energy.
We have worked hard, in collaboration with our industry and event partners, to create a safe environment for our exciting return to market, and we can’t wait to welcome you back. Remember that OFFPRICE is safer than ever and we are #strongertogether. Whether you are joining us as a buyer or an exhibitor, OFFPRICE is the place to invigorate your business this February. Cheers to a new year and a new season of OFFPRICE!

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