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Off-price retailers sell clothing and accessories ranging from major-label brands to private label, non-branded goods at a significant discount.



When you have a growing business, the search for new products with low price points can be a difficult search. Fortunately, this hunt has led many companies all over the globe to the OFFPRICE Show in New York City– a go-to trade show in New York City. About 80 exhibitors will showcase apparel products, while 100 additional showrooms are just a few blocks away.

Just one deal at the OFFPRICE Show can add more excitement and more profit to your stores! From apparel to footwear, accessories to jewelry, available for 20%-70% below the wholesale price, it is easy to see why retailers conduct business at OFFPRICE NYC.

Make it a point to talk to as many people as possible while you are here.

Products Found at OFFPRICE

New York City
New York City


The OFFPRICE Show serves the retail industry with dynamic order-writing trade shows that connect apparel retail buyers of all sizes with the leading off-price specialists in 20-70 percent below wholesale apparel, accessories, footwear and more.

Products found at the OFFPRICE Show

Who can say it better than Wikipedia? According to its official site:

“Off-price retailers sell clothing and accessories from major-label brands to non-branded goods at a significant discount."

"These companies take advantage of overruns, canceled orders, and forecasting mistakes made by their counter-parts in the full-price retail sector. When a designer or manufacturer produces more clothing than it can sell through specialty retailers or department stores, or a store can't move all of the items in a particular line, the excess inventory is sold at a 20%-60% discount to an off-price retailer."

"The company passes these savings onto consumers, marking up goods by a lower percentage than full-price stores and instead building operating margins by moving a high volume of inventory quickly, at rock-bottom prices.”

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Section 1 - Eligibility & Credentials


The OFFPRICE SHOW is a professional trade event. It is produced for the fashion industry and is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Admission to the OFFPRICE Show is FREE to the trade, and $125 per person for suppliers to the trade, including factors, shipping & logistics providers, manufacturers and other providers looking to establish networks with our exhibitors. DIRECT SOLICITATION OF OUR EXHIBITORS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED BY SHOW MANAGEMENT.


Minimum of three requirements from list below:

  • Business Cards (listing your address and job title)
  • Recent invoices (minimum of three different companies, only of apparel, accessories, or footwear purchased in the last six months)
  • Tax Registration Certificate or (Business Registration Certificate indicating you are a retail business, not a sellers permit)
  • Letter of Intent (from attorney or bank) on official letterhead stating the intent to start a new retail business...acceptable for new businesses only)


Personal Photo ID required on site:

  • Drivers License or Passport
  • Government-issued Photo ID

Management reserves the right to admit exceptions for a fee: $125


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