Letter From The Editor 19.1

Welcome to the all-new Off-Price Retailing magazine. What used to be called OFFPRICE Magazine needed some new life, so we welcome in a new publication with new features, new contributors, new look. We don’t need to tell this to you, but the off-price industry is firing on all cylinders and the scope of this magazine will take a broader look at all things retailing in the off-price world instead of focusing so heavily on the OFFPRICE Show. We hope you’ll find the new magazine useful and informative. We’ll never abandon the OFFPRICE Show. There will still be plenty of features that revolve around the show, such as the Vendor Profile, but Off-Price Retailing will focus on so much more. We’ve got two brand new contributors that wrote articles for this issue, with several more in the works for future issues.

The OFFPRICE Show will always be the backbone of what we do. This magazine wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the OFFPRICE Show. But as more and more retailers adapt and turn to the off-price channel as a way to grow and stay profitable, we will adapt what we’re doing as well. This an incredibly exciting time for the off-price world. The change in direction for this magazine is simple. OFFPRICE Magazine’s mission was to bring you as much information about the OFFPRICE Show as possible. Off-Price Retailing will focus on the bigger picture and provide you with as much information and insight about the entire off-price industry. Of course, the OFFPRICE Show is a very important part of the off-price industry, so it will still be well-represented amongst all of the new features and sections. If it’s show news you most desire, you can still find it starting on p. 27.

We’ll focus on business. We’ll focus on product. We’ll provide insight into successful retailing. We’ll talk with OFFPRICE Show exhibitors. We’ll interview point-of-sale companies. This is just the beginning and Off-Price Retailing will prove to be a great asset in helping your store make money.


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