International Flights

It’s not by luck that the OFFPRICE Show is located in Las Vegas. When the show was concepted in the mid-1990’s, Vegas was the logical location because of the success that other Fashion Week shows were experiencing. The phrase, “Fish where the fish are,” was in full effect as wholesale jobbing companies looked to appeal to all of the retailers coming to Vegas in droves to attend other shows. Vegas was already a favorable destination for retailers looking to source goods for their stores and the OFFPRICE Show tapped into that wave.

Las Vegas is a favorable destination for trade shows from all industries in part because there is so much to do and a seemingly endless list of options for restaurants and nightlife. But it’s also an easy city to get to; a key element for recruiting new attendees and growing the show.

Consider, as more retailers turn to the off-price channel to increase sales and profits, stores from around the globe have taken notice of the opportunity that awaits them at the OFFPRICE Show. But international flights can be long, tedious journeys complete with several connecting flights and long, energy draining layovers. McCarron International Airport’s large number of direct flights to international destinations alleviates many of those travel frustrations, creating a direct link to the show for those residing outside of the US.

The cities with the most daily flights per week from Las Vegas are all in either Mexico or Canada. Mexico City leads the way with 30 direct flights every week, or 4.3 per day. As an international destination, Toronto (28/week) is next, followed by Calgary (26), Vancouver (25), with Edmonton (14) rounding out the top five.

It may seem obvious that the two countries that border the US, Mexico and Canada, have the most direct flights to Vegas. Yet, there are many overseas locations with direct service to Vegas as well: Copenhagen, Denmark; Frankfurt, Germany; London (both Gatwick and Heathrow); Manchester, England; Panama City, Panama; Seoul, South Korea; and Stockholm, Sweden. Gatwick (London) Airport has nine direct flights to Vegas each week.

Every retailer is looking for all ways possible to increase revenue and attract more customers, so don’t let travel worries prevent you from taking the next step. In a city that taps into humans underlying hopes of getting lucky with the dice or cards and striking it big, the OFFPRICE Show is a sure bet to make you money. It’s never been easier to get to Las Vegas.

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