Green Town Scrubs Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line

Green Town Scrubs (Booth #746) has been around since 2004. Providing, you guessed it, scrubs. If you specialize in uniforms, a stop at the Green Town booth during the February 2016 OFFPRICE Show is a no brainer, but there is a major opportunity awaiting other retailers as well.
“I think every store that carries women’s goods can have a scrubs section,” said Ramin Omidvar, the owner Green Town Scrubs. “And every store that carries school uniforms can add a section of medical uniforms as well.”
Expect to see a lot of printed scrubs in his booth, as well as a wide variety of scrub sets and separates. Green Town added many new styles, colors and fabrics since the August 2015 OFFPRICE Show. In general, there is a lot of new product available.
Before Rami started Green Town in 2004, he worked in the school uniform industry. He carried what he learned over to the medical side of the uniform business, duplicating the success he had found earlier.

 “I always pushed for having a one-stop-shop for uniforms. We carried as many styles and colors as possible, and always had inventory. That’s what I’m trying to do with scrubs for Green Town. We have a lot of styles, a lot of colors and we’re trying to keep a high level of inventory. If people want to come for goods at once, we’ll have what they need.”

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