Press Policy & Credential Criteria

The OFFPRICE Show provides complimentary media credentials to qualified media and trade press outlets covering the apparel industry. A media credential allows eligible reporters, editors, photographers, or freelancers access to the trade show floor during the show’s operating hours. A thorough overview of eligible personnel can be found below.

Press Office

Eligible media personnel include the following:

Newspapers/Magazines/Internet Media

  • Publishers, Reporters, Editors, Photographers, Webmasters
  • Editors of apparel/fashion newsletters or blogs will be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Sales and marketing personnel are NOT eligible for media credentials

Radio Stations

  • Owner, Program Director, General Manager, News Reporter, News Director, On-Air Personnel, Assistant News Director, Producer

Broadcast Television Stations

  • Owner, News Reporter, General Manager, Producer (non-advertising), News Director, On-Air Personnel, Field Producers, Program Director, Photographers, Assignment Editor, Production (non-advertising)
Media Coverage
Media Coverage

OFFPRICE Show credentialed media must follow the subsequent policies:

  1. All members of the media on the show floor must have their credentials on display at all times.
  2. All interviews with OFFPRICE Show spokespeople should be arranged through a member of the public relations staff.
  3. Television cameras must be escorted on and around the show floor by an OFFPRICE Show public relations representative, unless otherwise approved.
  4. TV cameras approved to be on the show floor without an escort still must display their credentials at all times.
  5. Media members wishing to cover or film any seminars or buyer tours may do so with the approval from a public relations representative. Any fees associated with the event will not apply to media.
  6. All interviews should take place at the conclusion of the seminar or buyer tour as to not interfere with the event.
  7. Credentialed members of the media are entitled to one (1) complimentary lunch ticket redeemable at the OP Bistro.
  8. Be respectful of exhibitors wishes at all times. OFFPRICE is an order-writing trade show, meaning it is likely exhibitors will be conducting business in their booth, therefore they may be unavailable for an interview.

LIMIT: Three (3) press credentials per media outlet. Guest passes are not available to media outlets unless pre-approved by a public relations representative.