We Tested Screenshop, Kim Kardashian's Fashion App

Our team at OFFPRICE decided to join in on the fun and download Kim Kardashian’s new app: Screenshop. In case you haven’t heard how it works, you can upload screenshots of your favorite outfits from Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere else from the world wide web and the application will scour the internet for similar products. Simply put, it’s the shopping solution we’ve all been waiting for.

Gone are the days when consumers were left wondering where their favorite celebrities, bloggers, and style icons found their amazing outfits. Shoppers no longer have to come up with the right combination of Google search terms, scroll page upon page of online product, all to find a show-stopping red ensemble.   


But Screenshop can do more than curate alternative merchandise. The app is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms, and computer learning. Screenshop collects data based on your uploads to suggest related merchandise that suits your taste. “We analyze the results of the items you like, so the more you use it, the better it gets,” says the Screenshop website.

Do you ever feel weird about buying the exact outfit your friend already has? Good news, Screenshop also lets you upload pictures from your gallery, making it possible to snap photos of your friends’ outfits and find related products. If you’re feeling stealthy, you could also snap a picture of an unsuspecting stranger with a great outfit—so long as you remember to turn off your flash and sound!

What Happened When We Used Screenshop

The first thing we tried was uploading a screenshot of an outfit from social media—and we were “wowed.” Screenshop gave us recommendations for the complete look, from blouse to boots. The styles and colors resembled the ones in our screenshots—especially the shoes.

The only feature that left us scratching our heads is the app conducts a different shopping recommendation for each shoe. The only reason a shopper would want separate searches on footwear is if the person in the image was wearing two different shoes, which just didn’t make much sense to us.

Then we decided to take it to the next level. Would the app still find similar products with a picture we took? After uploading a full-body snapshot of my outfit, the app came back with some merchandise suggestions in similar colors and styles of my clothing. Only problem: it was all from the men’s category!

After a second photoshoot, the app got it right. Overall, the app seems to do a better job finding merchandise with screenshots from the internet of clear, professional images that have good lighting.

But the more we use the app, the more we’re noticing hiccups and glitches with uploading capabilities. We’re definitely not advanced techies, but we’re thinking the app is simply overloaded with high traffic or still has some issues to work through in its infancy.

Some might say the app will help the off-price retail industry, as many users want the styles of their favorite icons, without the hefty price tag. Even Kim fosters some appreciation for the fast-fashion sector. “I wear Zara, I wear H&M, I buy stuff online all the time," Kardashian West told INSIDER. "I do own probably way more [fast fashion] than you would think."

As a deal-hunting diva, I would not only use the app for mobile shopping, but I’d also use it when shopping in-store.  If a shopper were in a fitting room trying on high-ticket merchandise, they could easily use the app to find more affordable (and just as fashionable) alternatives.

“Here is where retailers will see a disruption,” says Katy Albrecht, Publishing Editor of Off-Price Retailing Magazine. “This app gives consumers the opportunity to step into luxury stores, snap a favorite look, find styles for less and leave the store without making a purchase. It’s great for us value-shoppers and off-pricers—but maybe not for luxury.”

What we’re still left wondering is how retailers get their merchandise to appear on Screenshop. Do retailers have to be vetted by the app’s administrators? What’s the cost for a retailer to participate? We know more details on the consumer side than on the retailers’.

We recommend a definite download for Screenshop, if not only to test it for yourself and find out what everyone else is buzzing about. But until the app can work out its technical issues, you probably shouldn’t rely on just Screenshop for serious shopping.

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