7 Spring Must-Haves Your Customers Will Want

At the OFFPRICE Show this February in Las Vegas, you’re probably going to be sourcing spring and summer merchandise for your customers. As the temperatures begin to rise, we think your customers are going to be looking for seven key products to heat up their wardrobes. So, as you’re browsing the aisles and racks at OFFPRICE, keep an eye out for these trends…

Ankle-Strap Heels

These feminine pumps really started picking up in popularity this fall. Not only does this style make ankles look teeny-tiny, but it also elongates the legs and accentuates the calves. And who doesn’t want that?! Even better, the ankle strap helps prevent slippage and any other possible footwear malfunctions.

As the snow melts and more women begin busting out their dresses, skirts, and bare legs, expect to see a higher demand for ankle-strap heels, especially in black and neutral colors.

Image courtesy of Lulus.com

Compact Purses and Backpacks

Sometimes you only need your credit card, cell phone, and a lipstick. Ultra-tiny handbags and backpacks have a big presence in stores and online. They may not be functional for those who carry around a lot of “stuff,” but mini bags are the perfect go-to accessory for a quick ride on the metro or a day trip with friends.

Image courtesy of H&M

Especially if your retail business targets juniors or contemporary shoppers, consider looking for compact backpacks and purses at the next OFFPRICE Show.

70s Floral Print Tops

Your shoppers are definitely going to be feeling groovy this spring. The 1970s-inspired, flowy, floral tops are coming to full-bloom! Look out for muted or dark colors like navy blue and deep maroon, as well as lots of lace and cut-out designs.

Image courtesy of Versona

We’re also expecting 70’s looks to carry over into kimonos, dresses, skirts, and flowy pants as well. Can you say, flower child?

Embellished Pants and Crops (embroidery, tassels, patchwork, ruffles, etc.

Ruffles, tassels, embroidery and other embellishments accented many missy and juniors tops this fall. This spring, keep a sharp eye out for more of these small details on pants and crops. According to customers, these tiny treasures make all the difference!

Image courtesy of Charlotte Russe

Distressed pants that have patchwork and frays or fringes at the pant cuff are also going to be hot products in the warmer months. These unique bottoms help shoppers define their personal styles, but also make a statement!

Mens Joggers

Comfort is king! Cargo and sweatpant joggers are the perfect approach to casual, yet sporty fashion. With an elastic band at the ankle, these pants take the popular skinny style to a new level.

Image courtesy of ASOS

Usually paired with athletic footwear, these pants would give any retailers’ merchandise a fresh, urban feel. The elastic band and functional, straight leg design give customers the perfect transition from skateboarding in the park, to studying in the library, to going out with friends.

Retro Swim Trunks

Remember laughing at your dad’s short shorts? Not anymore. Retro swim trunks are back! They rest about mid-thigh on most men and really show off all that hard work at the gym. Some, I’m sure, are still shuddering and left wondering “Why?!”. But the trend really doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering high-wasted women’s bikini bottoms hit hard last summer.

Image courtesy of Nordstrom Rack.

If you’re going to dive in this spring and buy retro swim trunks, look for ones with small patterns or tropical images. Of course, you should always consider if a trend matches your target customer before buying. Would short trunks go over well at a rugged workwear store? Probably not.


Bowties are another trend that has been reclaimed from decades past. Bowties can dress up any collared shirt in a snap. The accessory is smart, yet somehow not as formal-feeling as a traditional tie.

Image courtesy of Boston Store

“Prom, spring weddings, and graduations are right around the corner,” says Katy Albrecht, Publishing Editor of Off-Price Retailing Magazine. “Your male customers are likely going to pick up formal accessories this spring, including bowties and suspenders, to freshen up their look. So be prepared!”

Register to attend the OFFPRICE Show February 10-13 in Las Vegas to find this spring’s must-have products.

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