Consolidated Clothiers Inc.

  • 4550 McEwen Rd, Farmers Branch, 75244
  • Tel: 214-678-0060
  • | Fax: 214-678-0058

For more than 25 years, Consolidated Clothiers Inc. has specialized in liquidation of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, clothing, and accessories as well as home goods in the United States. Our off-price inventory solutions protect brands and increase business for our customers through our buying and selling strategies. We provide inventory  solutions for buyers and vendors. For our buyers, we source product, prepare inventories to best suit unique models, and warehouse seasonal goods for appropriate ship dates. For our vendors, we have the ability and depth to act quickly. Our inventory experts know how to handle complex cross-gender and cross-category inventory purchases to best reposition merchandise and protect value.  We offer a wide range of products across many categories. Our total warehouse capacity exceeds 100,000 square feet in multiple locations, and our Dallas base is a logistics advantage. A large part of our business is domestic, however, we are growing internationally.

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