exhibit at Orlando

The marketplace held at the Orange County Convention Center, located in Orlando, Florida, will be most appealing to those retailers due to the convenient location with airport serving both national and international travelers as well as more economical than buying trips to New York.


why orlando?

This premiere market offers retailers of all sizes—boutique to major chain stores—an opportunity to connect with exhibitors offering opportunities to fill immediate gaps for the holiday season as well as prepare for Spring/Summer ’24.

For those buyers who have never been to OFFPRICE, as well as our international audience, ORLANDO Market offers the chance to meet our vendors, network among peers, and source for in-season and upcoming seasonal goods. 

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who attends?

Expose your product to retailers with non-traditional sourcing cycles like: 

  • Amusement Park/Tourist Attraction
  • Casino/Hotel/Motel
  • Dollar Stores
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Farm Supply Store
  • Resort/Souvenir/Beach Shop
  • Screen Printers/Promotional Wholesalers Sporting Goods/
  • Outdoor Retailers
  • Travel Center/Convenience Stores
  • University/College Stores


  • We welcome buyers from around the world
    Canada  |  Mexico  |  Carribean  | South America
    and more