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For questions about attending OFFPRICE…

  • Is the OFFPRICE Show the right fit for my retail business?
  • How do I register myself or other members of my team?

  • How can I start buying online through OFFPRICE365?

  • Contact our Buyer Relations Manager:

    • Mikaela Kornowski
    • Buyer Relations Manager
    • Send email
    • 262-754-6910

    For questions about international attendance…

  • How does the OFFPRICE Show benefit my business?
    ¿Cómo beneficia el programa OFFPRICE a mi negocio?

  • Are there special travel accommodations for international attendees?
    ¿Hay alojamiento especial de viaje para los asistentes internacionales?

  • How do I get a work visa to attend the show?
    ¿Cómo obtengo una visa de trabajo para asistir a la feria?

  • Contact our International Marketing Coordinator:

    • Maira Alpizar
    • International Marketing Coordinator
    • Send email
    • 262-754-6919

    For questions about hotel accommodations…

  • What are OFFPRICE’s special rates?

  • How can I reserve my room?

  • Can I update my reservation?

  • Contact our Registration and Housing Manager:

    • Erin Dandridge
    • Registration & Housing Manager
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6916

    For questions about exhibiting at OFFPRICE…

  • Is the OFFPRICE Show the right fit for my wholesale business?

  • How do I start the application process?

  • How can I promote my business through advertising and sponsorship opportunities?

  • How can I start posting merchandise online through OFFPRICE365?

  • Contact Our Account Manager:

    • Lauren Cleary
    • Sales Account Executive
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6920
    • Angel Kamine
    • Senior Sales Account Executive
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6929

    For questions about exhibitor logistics…

  • How do I ship my merchandise to OFFPRICE?

  • Are my booth set-up accommodations ready?

  • How do I update my listing on the OFFPRICE website?

  • Contact Our Operations Team:

    • Tricia Barglof, CEM
    • US Operations Director
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6932
    • Melissa Witnik
    • Operations Manager
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6936

    For questions about exhibitor seniority and on-site equipment…

  • What is my seniority and when is my booth assignment?

  • What booth locations are available?

  • How do I reserve equipment for my booth?

  • Contact Our Assistant Sales Manager:

    • Pam Dillon
    • Assistant Sales Manager
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6927

    For questions about publication opportunities…

  • How can I contribute content or product images to Off-Price Retailing Magazine?

  • How can I submit ideas or retail topics for the publication?

  • Can I submit blog posts to the OFFPRICE Show website?

  • How can I become a social influencer for your brand?

  • Contact Our Publishing Editor:

    • Katy Albrecht
    • Publishing Editor
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6906

    For questions about promotions…

  • Free marketing opportunities for your business and booth

  • Official OFFPRICE Show partnerships and collaborations

  • Sales and advertising inquiries

  • Contact Our Marketing Manager:

    • Melissa Miller
    • Marketing Manager
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6921

    For overall show feedback…

  • I have a friend who would be a great fit for the show

  • I would like to give feedback about the OFFPRICE Staff

  • Sales and advertising inquiries

  • Contact Our CEO:

    • Stephen Krogulski
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Send email
    • (262) 754-6930