The Closeout Show

As a long standing staple of the liquidation marketplace, this co-located show offers huge discounts on general merchandise overstock.

What is it

Access to manufacturer liquidations and brand closeouts for up to the minute inventory fills.  

Why shop show

Buy overstock, ready to move hard and soft goods to enhance your product mix today!

What to expect

Fill-in products at bargain prices, designed to surprise and delight you. Come see for yourself!

About the Closeout Show

  • Expect to see a wide variety of general merchandise
  • Great way to enhance your product mix for pennies on the dollar.
  • Shop available inventory at highly discounted prices.
  • Introduce product with low risk.
  • Registration includes entry to both The Closeout Show and the OFFPRICE Show. 

Be open to new ideas

The Closeout Show will help fill inventory gaps with its mix of hard and soft goods. This opportunity to source highly discounted, quality products can’t be missed. 

Designed to enhance the sourcing experience at the OFFPRICE Show. Be open to what is available and your margins are sure to grow!


How is the Closeout Show different from the OFFPRICE Show?

Great question!

The OFFPRICE Show features retail apparel including soft and hard goods through various manufacturers and distributors. Orders are taken and fulfilled as with normal sourcing procedure. You are able to re-order items (if available) when needed.

The Closeout Show leverages it's relationships with various manufacturers to give you access to over runs, liquidation products, and slight irregulars that are ready to move. With any liquidation, once it's sold out, there isn't an opportunity to get the items again at low discount pricing.

How can I attend the Closeout Show?

It's easy, just register using the below link. Registration is through the OFFPRICE Show and will give you access to both shows at the Venetian.

Register here

What kind of product will be at the Closeout Show?

There will be a mix of hard and soft goods looking to be sold at deep discounts. Because the world of closeouts doesn't depend on consistant product, the product might change up to the minute of opening the show room floor.  That's what makes it so exciting! You never know what you will come across to enhance both your product mix and your bottom line!