Frequently asked questions

What is a Jobber?

A Jobber is a wholesale merchant, especially one selling to retailers. The majority of the exhibitors at OFFPRICE are Jobbers.

What does it mean to be an “off-price retailer?”

Off-price retailers sell clothing and accessories from major-label brands at a significant discount. These companies take advantage of overruns, canceled orders, and forecasting mistakes made by their counter-parts in the full-price retail sector

Are brand name goods available at the show?

Yes! Though it doesn’t make up the majority of inventory at the show, the OFFPRICE Show does have vendors that carry name brand goods. One of the most exciting aspects of the show is that our vendors constantly have new inventory, which means that you’ll find a variety of different brands each time you go. Some vendors exclusively carry branded goods, and some have it mixed in with its non-branded inventory. You’ll be sure to find some great name-brands at the show!

What is a closeout?

Clothing closeouts is a term used to describe a status of an item and the items are generally considered to be excess from a previous season’s production. Closeouts are the result of changes in color, design, and fabric or missed deliveries. Clothing closeouts by definition should all be first quality.

What is an overrun?

Overruns are over production from specific cuttings or orders and are generally the result of the order not matching the amount of material needed. The amount of cloth needed to produce 30 shirts may actually be enough to produce 45 shirts, resulting in a 15 shirt overrun. Overruns by definition should all be first quality.

What is irregular clothing?

Irregulars are flawed garments that are a normal result of the manufacturing process. They will almost always have a cut label, stamped or marked label, or the label may be completely removed.

What determines the level of closeouts and irregular clothing produced?

The amount of clothing closeouts and irregulars available is a direct correlation to the supply and demand curves for a particular industry. The greater the demand for a product results in higher levels of production and therefore a greater number of irregulars produced. Lower demand reduces the number of irregulars in the market but can result in higher levels of closeouts.

How is merchandise at the OFFPRICE Show available at such low prices?

Our exhibitors are able to work directly with wholesalers, manufacturers and even large retailers to get closeouts, overstocks and liquidations. This, in turn, means prices at 20-70% below wholesale for our buyers.

Are all goods last season or defective?

No! OFFPRICE Show buyers are able to find great deals on the hottest items that may have just been an overrun. Only a fraction of our goods are considered “irregular,” which could mean anything from the wrong color stitching on a pair of jeans, to a logo being on the wrong side of a breast pocket.

Can I actually order goods at the OFFPRICE Show?

Yes. The OFFPRICE Show is unique in a lot of ways, including the fact that we are designed to be an order-writing trade show. Unlike buying from a manufacturer, our exhibitors have their products on-hand in their warehouses, which means immediate shipping and getting the product in your store faster.

What is a pre-pack?

A wholesale pre-pack is a bundle of merchandise that provides the buyer with several sizes and colors of one product. Say a buyer is purchasing a six-piece pre-pack bundle of a sundress for $7.50. The pre-pack would read as: “S-M-L/2-2-2,” meaning that you get two dresses in size small, two in size medium and two in size large. The “unit price” (what you pay for the entire pre-pack) is $7.50 so the buyer here is essentially getting each dress for only $1.25. Pre-packs can have anywhere from six to hundreds of pieces, depending on the vendor. Pre-packs are a great way to have easy organization while sourcing, and allows the buyer to get a better deal.

Minimums? Quantities?

This is another rule that depends on the exhibitor. Some of our wholesalers exist to cater to very large corporations and therefore have high minimums, while many cater towards those looking for lower minimums and quantities. Often times, both minimums and quantities are negotiable.

Repeat inventory?

We have many buyers who come to every show and find great deals every time – you definitely won’t find yourself staring at the same old merchandise each time you come! Because the off-price industry is so unique, one of the great things is that you’ll constantly see new merchandise at each show. That also means that you should make sure to scoop up good deals when you find them! That great pair of designer sunglasses may not be available when you return a few months later, but that’s why our show is designed to write orders for immediate goods. Be sure to always grab business cards of your favorite vendors as well, as they may be able to get their hands on more merchandise for you.

What is considered a good price?

That depends on the item and pre-packs. Sometimes it’s easier to judge how much you want to spend based on the retail price-points of your company. For instance, if you are a boutique owner and you establish that you want to retail most of your fashion blouses as $20, try to look for tops that have an individual price-point purchase of $3-$5. That way you make a 75-85% retail profit.

How do you know quality?

One of the biggest advantages of buying at a trade show instead of online is that you get to see and feel the garments you’re about to purchase. Colors, textures and even quality can be greatly misleading in pictures, so our buyers are at an advantage to be able to get their hands on the pieces they’re interested in. The show provides for worry-free shopping as our vendors combine value with quality.

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