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Written by Tonya Bercaw

Our publication of over 23 years has been a fantastic resource for all types of businesses looking to find product inventory and services. We have hundreds of advertisers. Many sell to retail store owners or flea market and swap meet vendors, and many others sell larger quantities to wholesalers and distributors looking to stock their warehouses. So you could say…We are the book of all trades! If you need to purchase merchandise for resale purposes, chances are our advertisers have it, or they will know where they can to get it for you. Their merchandise can change monthly, and some of our advertisers are seasonal so be sure you don’t miss the huge selection of products offered all year long. It is our goal to provide suppliers with whom you develop long term relationships in order to have the vendors you trust and the products that are profitable for your business.

Closeout News/Wholesale Merchandise is mailed out monthly to retail store owners of all varieties from dollar stores to boutiques, to wholesalers and distributors, flea market and swap meet vendors, importers and exporters. For added exposure, issues are also distributed at over 30 trade shows annually that include apparel shows, general merchandise shows, gift shows and more along with our constant growing number of online viewers.

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for the best products, at the lowest prices. I hope you will find our publication and website as valuable as so many others have over the years. We greatly appreciate our readers and our advertisers, they are the reason for our long-term success.

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