Fashion Trucks Are Taking America By Storm

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- Guest Blog Post from Find A Fashion Truck

Fashion Trucks are taking America by storm and they are the newest and most exciting way to shop. After the pop-up shop phenomenon, namely food trucks, began several years ago other business industries also began to use this as a means to sell goods. Pop-up shops have been around for over 100 years, however, it’s only this decade entrepreneurs have began taking their business mobile in beautifully decorated and gutted out refurbished trucks, campers and airstreams. The dream of owning ones own store became reality once it was realized that not every business had to be set up in a brick and mortar.

The first fashion truck, also referred to as mobile boutique, in America is unknown; however, over the last couple of years this industry has been taking the nation by storm. These trucks sell items such as clothes, jewelry, handbags, house wares, make up and textiles. We have over 325+ trucks documented and are adding more weekly. By far Find a Fashion Truck’s (FFT) top location is California but there are several states steadily increasing their numbers: Texas, New York and Florida. We believe these numbers reflect the ease of getting licenses. Several states are still trying to figure out proper licenses, permits, and insurance for fashion trucks since people are actually going into a truck, which differs, from food trucks. There are a few organizations in various cities that are trying to assist with this.

Find a Fashion Truck was created to bring more exposure to these types of businesses. We first discovered them at the beginning of this year and had never heard of them before. We decided to create a directory that allows owners to manage their listing and also give potential customers the ability to keep track of their favorite trucks. The listings include the vitals of a fashion truck, website and social media accounts, in hopes to direct more traffic their way. Additionally, we repost their whereabouts on our social media accounts and every Friday we do what’s called to help bring awareness to these remarkable businesses.

We also started a blog for FFT at We began to get several inquiries when we started our site in June 2014 from several entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own truck. We decided to use the blog to pass on business tips, highlight successful fashion trucks, and also feature the types of merchandise being sold. We are hoping to create a community that helps others achieve their small business dreams while also helping veterans continue to thrive and connect with new audiences.

We are excited to see new entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and we look forward to creating a network of fashion truck owners. This industry has a lot of potential growth and we’re excited to be apart of it.

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