6 Signs Online Sourcing Will Benefit Your Store

Online Sourcing

“Come to a trade show, during peak time at my business? You’re kidding right?”

If you sell seasonal products, like beachwear, you probably need to man your retail store during your busiest time of year. You’d love to attend more trade shows, but you’re simply too crunched for time during certain months. To make up for it, you do most of your buying during your off-season, but you wish you still had a way to stay connected.

Online marketplaces, like OFFPRICE365, help retailers keep up with apparel, footwear, and accessory vendors—even during your busy time. Off-price is all about immediate goods, so if you’re not staying in-the-know, another retailer is capitalizing on a hot buy that you missed.

“These plane ticket prices have me like…”

Travel costs can often keep retailers from attending trade shows and finding new products. Your taxi fare, plane ticket, and hotel stay can add up, and we get it. If you’re new to the OFFPRICE Show, you can keep costs low, while also testing the waters of the off-price channel.

“What do you mean flip flops are out-of-stock AGAIN?!”

No matter how much planning you do, sometimes you just need a quick fill-in ASAP. If you have a product that’s in-demand, don’t miss out on profit because of low inventory. Retailers can quickly put out the fire and source a product that will complement their brand. And, probably stumble across a new treasure too!

“I have time to buy new merchandise, at 11:30 p.m.”

If you’re a small business owner, you probably wish you could clone yourself. With only 24 hours in the day, there are simply some housekeeping items you can’t get to. Don’t let buying be one of them. Your shoppers expect you to have fresh products and current styles, and you need to deliver if you want repeat customers.

OFFPRICE365 is always open for business. No matter the time, you can browse products, send messages to vendors, and inquire about merchandise you’re interested in. One of the best parts about an online marketplace is that you can shop on your time, and you’re not limited to trade show hours.

“She said the boutique next door is carrying what?!”

If you aren’t sourcing new merchandise, you can guarantee your competition is. Your customers might ask for products you don’t carry, and to another business for a second try. Over time, they might even overlook your store altogether. Online marketplaces help you stay relevant to your customers, and aggressive in the eyes of your competitor.

Through OFFPRICE365, you can find products your customers are inquiring about, for less money than what the boutique next door paid. Which means you can pass along the savings to customers, and still enjoy a higher margin. 

“I need to make new connections, but my couch is more appealing.”

At the end of the day, you can only do so much. If you feel like your store has been offering the “same-old, same-old” lately, your customers probably do too. The world wide web is a big place, and you can’t always be sure about the trustworthiness of some online sellers. You might have even been burned once or twice before.

OFFPRICE365 verifies every seller before they can join the community, which means you can shop with confidence, from the comfort of your jammies. If you’re ready to give OFFPRICE365 a try, submit your application to buy online. For questions, email Mikaela Kornowski or give her a call at 262-754-6910.

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